Numerologia na giełdzie

29 maja 2007 Wyłączono przez Jaworowski Karol

The Wall Street Journal opisuje, jak silny wpływ na inwestorów giełdowych w Chinach mają wierzenia i przesądy:

Part superstition and part self-fulfilling prophecy, numerology is a basic trading strategy in China. The philosophy reflects the widespread belief in Chinese society that numbers contain clues to good fortune.

(…) To professional observers, the Chinese investing public’s trust in the predictive power of numbers — rather than fundamentals like business prospects or profit — is one of many reminders of how buying on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges looks like gambling.

Brokerages are set up like casinos. Investors drink tea, smoke and chat as they make trades on computers lined up like slot machines. Instead of dropping in coins, they swipe bank cards to pay for shares.

Czyżby był to dowód na niedojrzałość rynku? A może Chińczycy odkryli prawdę (lub jej część) na temat funkcjonowania giełd?

Numbers don’t explain everything, (…) but „in the stock market, half your results come from luck.”

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